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Promo Manager for Yahoo Stores
Empower your Yahoo! Store with the ability to create your own unique promotions and discounts. A first for Yahoo! Stores, the Promo Manager not only allows you to customize your offers, but you can now conceptualize promotions to meet your sales goals. Take charge of your business and start marketing now.
Name your offers, market them, and alter them until you achieve the results you're looking for. Create promotions that will do more than just attract visitors - they'll turn those visitors into buyers. Create, attract, and convert at a rate that will skyrocket your business. With the Promo Manager, there's no limit to the possibilities.
Rest assured that your promotion will begin at the stroke of midnight on Black Friday, and end the following Sunday night exactly at midnight. The Promo Manager allows you to schedule your promotion(s), so there is no need to manually activate/deactivate promotions.

Let the Promo Manager do it for you!
A great way to increase conversion rates and order totals is to offer a free item with a purchase. Shoppers love a great deal and won't want to miss out on an offer of a free item with purchase.

Try a classic promotion such as "Buy 3 bath towels and get the 4th free" The Promo Manager will instantly apply the discount for the free towel.
Whether you have a manufacturer overstock, or just want to spotlight a particular brand, showcase it with a targeted promotion.

Choose the duration of the promotion and offer a sale such as, "Buy any item from "Brand X" and get 10% off" to instantly draw attention to the product line. The Promo Manager will easily and effortlessly apply the discount.
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