Promo Manager Features

Marketing Without Boundaries

Create promotions based on set conditions to give customers specific rewards. The possibilities are endless when you mix and match conditions and rewards. We've created some example promotions, but keep in mind that with the Promo Manager, there's nothing to limit your creativity.

Cart Contents

Offer promotions based on the items that your customers order. Identify these items by category, price range, code, ID, name, or any one of five custom variables.

Total Value of Cart

Offer promotions that are based on the total value of items in a shopper's cart. Specify if the total must be greater than, less than, or equal to a certain value as well as whether the cart total includes Yahoo's coupons.
You may also specify that the Promo Manager only count the value of specific items based on category, price range, code, id, name, or any one of five custom variables.

Promo Codes

Generate single-use or unlimited-use promo codes that customers can enter to receive the promotion you've created. This feature is great if you have a newsletter or other marketing materials you can promote the discount code in.

Shipping Address

Offer promotions to customer with a shipping address in a specific zip code, range of zip codes, zip code prefix, state or country.

No Condition- Always Give Reward

Allows you to always give your customers a reward.


Schedule your promotions to work between specific dates and times.

Free or Discounted Individual Item(s)

Give any free individual item(s) to your customers if the appropriate conditions are met. Discounted or free item(s) can be determined by ID, code, name, price, or any of five custom variables.

Free or Discounted Item(s) From a Category

Give free or discounted item(s) to your customers from a specific group or category of items.

Free or Discounted Shipping

Give free or discounted shipping to your customers if the appropriate conditions are met. Specify which shipping method is to be used.

Dollar or Percentage Off Total Order Amount

Give a discount on the total order amount if the appropriate conditions are met. Set discounts based on a dollar amount or percentage of subtotal.

Example Promotions

Condition: Total Value of cart
Reward: Shopping cart discount
Condition: Buy two get one free
Reward: Free individual item
Condition: Cart amount
Reward: Discounted shipping
Condition: Cart contents
Reward: Free items from category

Additional Features

Maintain full control of your promotions and specify exceptions with a secure administrative system and advanced features.

Block Items from Rewards

Specify item(s) to be excluded from pool of reward items. For example, if you have a promotion that states buy 2 shirts, get 1 free, you could block a few individual shirts from being given for free. You can specify these exceptions by code, ID, name, category, price range, or any one of five custom variables.

Utilize all the features of our Admin System

  • A secure login for your unique username and password.
  • A promotions summary screen with the ability to edit, delete, or toggle between active and inactive for any promotion.
  • Search for specific promotions.
  • Reporting.
  • Set how the Promo Manager computes total discount when multiple promotions apply to order.